Words After the Heron

I thought that I had known motion through avoiding movement but those were mere reflections of you, my heron. Poised on an endlessly flowing world, an eyrie of fading substance, you alone are still, my heron.

The night becomes you in the sense that the night is contained in you. There can be no better ambassador for sable nocturne than your aviary self, my heron. Balanced on a ceaselessly toppling world, a peak of transient states, you alone are grounded, my heron.

Uttering perfection should not be possible in this, a dying place. Yet you intone and recite the only perfection worth hearing in your stature, my heron. Singing above a terminally tragic world, a canopy of unspoken truths, you alone are singular, my heron.

Singular in your attention. Singular in your contraction. Singular in your elation. Singular in your perception. My heron.

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