Napping; and shelaughing hovers in the boundaries of my recognition. A soft laugh transports me, translates me into a bird of my own desire, to a softer land of blue and white where driftingtogether a blueberry flavored cloud graces a periwinkle sky and the treesconnected sing a hymn.

Falling; and shemaking sits on the edges of my inwards vision. A dancing now sends me, transforms me into a silent pool of water, away to mirthful hills of green and brown where a stillsilent valley leads jubilant laughter towards a roaring, cerulean sea and the wavesembracing conduct a choir.

Returning; and sheliving stands in the middle of my present being. A wistful smile now moves me, forges me into a flowing rivulet of gold, to a placid plain of argent and wine where the selfeloping herds prancing dreams towards a waiting, nocturnal gate and the heartascendant chants a song.

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