Missed Connection

Yet another ongoing series of...things. This is done in the style of "missed connection" ads you get in local newspapers, convention magazines and what not. If you're unfamiliar, that's OK. I'll keep updating this as I go along.

Missed connection:

You; an endless fire that burns in the stillness of the void, metaphysically illuminating human knowledge.

Me; a broken husk of wires and gems, aimlessly drifting in the Great Unknown.

Hit me up if you want to hang or catch a movie or something.

Missed connection:

You; i faintly remember how the sun felt on my face, by the white cliffs of lands end. the lighthouse behind me was casting a rigid shadow to my right but my eyes were only given to you as you fluttered on the breeze. away to the ocean you slowly receded while the smell of the salt played a sad counterpoint to the smell of the grass. i remember quite vividly feeling my heart torn asunder by longing but i turned away and headed back to the in roads of albion. i've been a strong man but i broke on the way back and turned around to find you. you were already gone.

Me; all my tears will never bring you back.

Hit me up if you'd like to go check out the new exhibit at the museum or maybe get some ice cream or something.

Missed connection:

You; the music of the spheres.

Me; the very real concept of one day dying.

Hit me up if you like to fade away, become slowly obsolete with the rise of the machines yet strangely poignant in inverse and

Missed connection:

You; the myriad conflicts of interests that led to the French Revolution.

Me; you WILL address me by my father's name!.

Hit me up if you like to swiftly change the course of history, gnaw at the inescapable bonds of human existence and fruit shakes.

Missed connection:

You; a book I once cared deeply for.

Me; a book I once cared deeply for.

Hit me up if you like to read to read to read to read to read to read to read.

Missed connection:

You; quick, quick get the gauze!

Me; god damn it Ronald, they got me, the bloody bastards got me!

Hit me up if you like long walks on the beach, watching reruns and jogging.

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