Perfect Mind

Let me tell you about the day the world was saved. Things had come to a head and several forces at once decided that something needed doing. They all gathered, those forces who cared enough about "the world', a disparate thing when speaking of such myriad actors, anyway, they had all gathered on top of the Tower of Silence and there consorted under the just arbitrage of the Seer. His beard stretched long before them, long before the vambraces of The Distant Valkyries (coming as they had from Resettled Titan), his robes flowed before the mighty shins of the Prairie Runners, steam still rising off of their just-used calves, his staff struck right next to the burgeoning belly of Ekeko, as he rubbed his hands in anticipation of the deal, his breath solidified in the air right in front of the shrewd eyes of Pristine Mind, his cerebral cortex already planning the coming eventualities.

Anyway, all of these greats gathered underneath the auspices of the Seer and, together, decided to create a mind. You see, they could not offer clarity on their own; their powers and aspects were incompatible, too used to creating spheres of belief around them, to push out the actualities of the other. After all, if a multitude of people all pray to their own, personal god, so much of power is squandered and metaphysics were no different. So, unable to keep in check their instinct to create their own mental spaces, in order to pool together their resources and save the world, they would create a mind. Each would imbue it with their own traits and strengths: from some it would get a speed of thought as yet unheard of in the known universe. From others it would get the entire history of the human race, held in a pill no larger than a nail filing, just returned from the outer edges of the Oort cloud where it had been kept safe and energized for thousands of years. And yet from others it would enjoy wisdom unparalleled or physical prowess enough to level all the war gods in their armor (although the latter's relevance was dubious at best, it was considered wise to have it just in case) or the elegance of a flowing river or the flexibility of a great oak in the face of ten thousand typhoons.

This mind would go out into the real, leaving the siphoned tower of the Seer and it would save the world. And so it did. The gathered entities all viewed its first action (since such a mighty being was expected to only need one action to save the world, and so it was) with their own preferred methods of sight; some used screens and crystals stretched into mono-filaments which reflected the entirety of creation, others used smoke and the influence of drugs, while some even resorted to their own two eyes, albeit highly augmented versions of such archaic ocular devices. Bets were placed on which trait would be used to save the world, to fuel the One Perfect Action that would, finally, usher in true grace and set everyone at peace. Piles of coin and souls and the ownership of stars were placed on agility or strength or elegance or wisdom or might or history or mathematics (those who bet on numbers had numerous charts, predicting the event beyond any shade of doubt) and the Seer smiled justly as commerce flowed into his abode.

But in the end, as it went out into the real, the mind surveyed its many tools, gifted upon it by what passed for gods in this shabby reality, and realized it would have to create something new. Something the gathered forces that had birthed it did not possess, for if they had had the answer or the ability within them before, would they not have used it themselves to perform the One Perfect Action and save the world? They would have; many of them were foolish but none of them were evil for evil does not exist. The mind surveyed its many tools for a femtosecond more and decided.

Across the world, which is everywhere anyone is of course, a voice spoke softly into every ear and mind and feeler and antenna and heart and energy center and AI processing unit and every server and every prayer and every story resounded with its words and it spoke to them, to everyone, to all sentience and beyond, the One Perfect Action and the world was saved.

It said:

"Your worries and anxieties and shortcomings are not your fault. Go to sleep".

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